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Double MXR
Double width MXR-1921-4v stand finished in Birds eye Maple



Single MXR
Single width MXR-1921-4v stand finished in Burr walnut


The MXR Audio Stand is an industry leading design that eliminates noise revealing a new level of musical performance. The frame itself is manufactured from six different materials including billet-machined aircraft aluminums and exotic finishes over a composite inner frame structure. The highly acclaimed HRS isolation bases load directly into the MXR frame as the shelf system. The MXR frame optimizes isolation base performance while offering unique flexibility and functionality. It is the last system you will ever need.


  • Fully adjustable shelf system (quantity and location)
  • Load range of each shelf optimized for maximum performance
  • Leveling system with locking feature for stability
  • Infinite cable access (no vertical or horizontal beams)
  • Structure design for optimum isolation base performance
  • Unlimited expandability preserves initial investment




Four ultra high frequency billet machined brackets support each shelf. The brackets are adjustable vertically allowing you to select ideal shelf spacing for your system. Regardless of the final shelf location you still will have infinite cable access because there are no front or rear braces to the main structure. You can also add or remove a shelf at any time without any modification to the rack structure or detracting in any way from its exceptional performance or beauty. The MXR Audio Stand was simply designed to be the last equipment stand you will ever purchase.



(W x D x H)
inch (cm)

Isolation Base Size
inch (cm)

Number of M3 Isolation Bases


27 x 17 x 31
(69 x 43 x 79)

19w 17d
(48w 43d)



27 x 17 x 41
(69 x 43 x 104)

19w 17d
(48w 43d)



29 x 19 x 31
(74 x 48 x 79)

21w 19d
(53w 48d)



29 x 19 x 41
(74 x 48 x 104)

21w 19d
(53w 48d)



Note: Double wide systems available for each model with twice as many isolation bases.

Adds 23" width for 1719 models and 25" width for 1921 models.

The MXR Audio Stand comes in one standard finish (Mahogany) and three premium finishes including Walnut Burl, Birds Eye Maple and Piano Black.

As many MXR stands as the customer requires can be joined together. See below for an example.

MXR Joined

Custom rack systems configurations, including side by side systems, are currently available. We also do custom finishes to match existing decor or speakers. HRS for more information.



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