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SET-100 VS

YPSILON VS single-ended amplifier.

Ypsilon’s aim in designing the VS (Valve Stereo) was to produce an all valve single-ended amplifier with 3 gain stages and output power of 40Wrms that would correctly capture the magic of a single-ended design and that would also be capable of driving real world speakers. This design specification was considered not only important but vital to the credibility of the amplifier. Since the majority of single-ended amplifiers from other manufacturers produce between 2 to 15 watts and require highly efficient speakers (>100db sensitivity) in order that realistic volume levels can be achieved, Ypsilon were determined that power output would not limit the versatility of their amplifier. The VS also has two sets of output taps, separately for 4 and 8 ohm speakers which further increases its appeal.

After a great deal of evaluation, Ypsilon decided to use the GM70 valve which they found to be not only very linear and capable of at least 40 Wrms but also wonderful sounding.

The Ypsilon VS uses the same chassis as its bigger brother the SET100 which only uses materials of the highest quality. The VS will surprise you because its sound is so far removed from the flabby base and overly warm presentation of traditional SETs. Everything is in proportion without any emphasis of any particular frequency range and the music it presents has a beautiful flow to it; and it most certainly  does not seek to beat the listener’s ears into submission in an attempt to convince. The VS ticks all the boxes in the checklist of hifi desirables, but that is to miss the point. The VS was designed to move the listener.





40Wrms 8 Ohm


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